Chromazoid #2

Chromazoid is a color comics and music anthology I edited and published.
Chromazoid #2 was published in 2013. The 108 page book came with a music compilation on CD featuring tracks chosen by the comic artists in the book to connect with their original pieces.

Available here.

"Secret twins" cover line art by Grant Reynolds!

Artists were chosen for their irreverence, originality and experimentation.

Featuring work by:

Austin English
Sakura Maku
Robert Calzone
Otto Splotch
Ben Bertin
Ian McDuffie
Grant Reynolds & Nikki Yowell
Eric Rivera
Lale Westvind
Nick Jackson
Alexander Lake
Jazmyne Araya


Tiny Knives
Phil Gray of Flora Flora
Full Crumb
Old Table
Bomb Banks
Hearts of Darknesses
Big Black Cloud
Shirley Rolls
The Experimental People
Cologne Factory
Ixe Ixe I Grec
Beach Arabs
John Bellows
Moon Men on the Moon Man
My Teenage Stride
Impossible Buildings
Inverse Room
Andrew Dice Clay Movie